Meeting Online

Connecting your audience without needing them to travel is more important than ever right now but we know that the future of communicating and creating experiences will continue to have a significant online / remote and virtual presence.

But where do you start? You want to deliver memorable messages, engage with your participants, network with your customers and build excitement all within the virtual world. Navigating the digital jargon can seem daunting, understanding the technologies available can be overwhelming.

We’ll partner with you to:

  • Understand Why and What?
    Why are your doing your event and what do you want to achieve?
  • Work alongside you and your teams to lead you through the planning and production process.  We’ll tailor-make an online event package to deliver on engagement, match your budget and create results.
  • Integrate the right technologies for your professional broadcast, breakout rooms, active polling, networking, virtual poster rooms, translation, live streaming or online education
  • Create a seamless and stress- free event experience for you and your audience

No face to face event is ever the same as the next so why should an online event be any different?

Whether you want to broadcast live from a professional studio, virtually connect a faculty, create a hybrid event of face to face and online, train your trainers, relaunch a product or deliver a digital roadshow over multiple time zones we’ll push the boundaries to deliver your messages and engage your audience.

The Changing Face of Pharma Communications

In Medical Affairs and Marketing, 2020 has been a challenging year. Digital communications have become more important than ever. Our Changing Faces of Pharma Forum debated the issues of the recent past and the challenges and potential solutions for the future. We invite you to view the session on demand and join our community of invited pharma industry colleagues in our next series of discussions coming soon in December. Follow the link below to request access.